2017 Zine Submissions Update

Shut Up & Write! Zine 2017 Update

Let me start with this: this update about our 2017 Zine is very very late.

The last couple of months have been an exciting time at our Shut Up & Write! headquarters in San Francisco. We received far more submissions for the Zine than we ever expected and we’ve poured our hearts (and all of our time) into reading all of them. It’s honestly simply taken a lot longer than we thought it would, and so we want to apologize for the delay, but with a promise, it’s worth the wait. 

Our global community of writers are amazing. Your submissions have made us laugh and cry and question and consider; it’s been really quite difficult to select our finalists.

But after much deliberation, we have finally narrowed it down and we’ll be announcing the writers whose work has been accepted for our first annual publication in the next couple weeks. So, keep an eye on your inbox or check back on our blog here.

Last but not least,  the Zine Launch and Reading Party will likely be held in September / October, we’ll keep you posted!

Published by Catherine Ellsworth

Catherine Ellsworth is currently working on a science-fiction novel and runs a monthly critique group in the Bay Area. When not writing and reading, she eavesdrops on commuter conversations, monitors the development of AI, and fantasizes about living on other planets.

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