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The writing phase of a project encompasses everything from brainstorming to drafting. Maybe you have a kernel of an idea and want to get words on the page, or maybe you don’t have any ideas yet but wish you did. Either way, we have all the resources you need to fuel your creative process and keep you focused.

Drafting can be messy, raw, and intensely creative. During this phase, some writers dive deeply into research, outlines, and detailed plans, while others jump straight into a draft. But most writers agree on the key principle of Shut Up & Write: When writing, just write. Sit down, turn off spell check, and leave the editing till later. Now is the time to get as many words on the page as possible.

Key Definitions
  • 1. Prewriting: Focused time thinking and taking notes about your project -- this process can also be called ideation or brainstorming
  • 2. Structuring: Creating a structure for your piece, often in outline form
  • 3. Drafting: The act of writing

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