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Resources: Sharing

You've polished your piece to perfection—now it’s time to get your finished project out there. Though you've put in many hours preparing for this moment, your journey to share all your hard work has just begun. Writing is meant to be read, and now you can decide how to find your audience.

The sharing phase of a project encompasses any way to distribute a finished work, including publishing via traditional methods, self-publishing, blog posts, and online distribution. The route you take will depend on whether you aim to share your writing with the world or just a close few. Each method has its strength and you get to decide which one best fits your writing goals.

Key Definitions
  • 1. Promotion: Building your fan base through blogs, social media, and other opportunities
  • 2. Pre-Press: Checking all the boxes to make sure you’re ready to print, including cover design, typesetting, and indexing
  • 3. Publishing: Working with a company to prepare your draft for publication
  • 4. Distribution: Getting your work on the physical and digital shelves

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