50 Writing Chapters, Wow!

Last week, we opened our 50th writing chapter of Shut Up & Write!™. This is a huge milestone for our community of writers – not only because it’s our 3rd chapter in Canada, and our 13th international chapter, but because it marks the beginning of a change for us, the start of something new and amazing for every Shut Up & Write!™ writer.

To understand why we’re so excited, let me tell you our story. When I started Shut Up & Write!™ over 11 years go, my goals were simple: I wanted to become a better writer and I wanted to meet other writers. To that end I devised a format and methodology that has successfully helped people write books, screenplays, comics, doctoral thesis, poetry anthologies and more. Over time, as our method proved effective we opened chapters across the United States and then other countries across the world.

The idea might seem too simple – show up, say hi, shut up and write – but it WORKS. However, creating a safe environment where writers can work on and complete their writing projects was only the first step. We stand today with over 25,000 writers across the globe, and at long last, we’re ready to do more.

We’ve been asked by our writers time and time again for more support, more resources and tools and we want to provide that support, but in the trademark way of Shut Up & Write!™, i.e., as simply as possible. In the coming months, we’ll be launching our full-service website which will include membership and access to all of the free materials that now comprise the Shut Up & Write!™ Methodology. We will also be offering premium and subscriber services for more individualized attention. But all of it is geared toward helping writers get their stories written and in front of their intended audience.

In related and equally exciting news, we are finalizing our status as a non-profit organization so we will be able to expand how we support writers of all socioeconomic backgrounds while helping to support literacy projects in all of our chapter locations.

So, as you focus on your writing with your regular group at a local coffee shop, I hope you’ll join me in taking a moment to realize that you are part of an ever-expanding, worldwide movement; a community of writers; a force for good and positive change. And soon, we’ll be helping kids learn the love of reading and writing.

Just imagine what we’ll accomplish together by the time we get to 100 chapters…

Keep writing!
Rennie Saunders
Founder of Shut Up & Write!™

Published by Rennie Saunders

Rennie founded Shut Up & Write! in 2007 following a desire to meet fellow writers while working on a series of science fiction novels. Rennie spends an inordinate amount of time reading Wikipedia and Discover Magazine articles as research for his science fiction writing, practices Indonesian martial arts and cooks wholesome dinners for his family. His novella, Pale Angel, is available on Amazon and The Proteus Knife, a novel, will be released in late 2019.

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  1. Thanks so very much for putting this together — & for making it free! — how do you manage to stay in business?

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